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Gastroenteritis,pomelo neus & the worlds most dangerous road


We left La Paz (good riddance) for Coroico yesterday. I ate something in La Paz that contained some nasty beastie (parasite,bacteria or amoeba who knows?) and havent felt up to par since. Wendy says I went native too fast. I finally gave in & started on abx 24 hours into it. Pommelo neus has also helped considerably. (pink grapefruit soda)
Before leaving La Paz we hired a driver, Jorge (who played the same mix of late 70s disco & 80s new wave all day) to take us to Tiuanico. (sp?) an Inca ruin an hour or so out of La Paz. Really beautiful drive; looks a lot like Montana:wide reaching plains with striking mountains in the distance. The ruins would have been much more impressive had the Spanish not decimated the place. It was built in 600 BC & occupied over 260, 000 acres. It was a fully functioning society with with running water and a sophisticated agricultural center. In about 900 AD it was abandoned, most likely due to drought. Enter the plundering conquistadors. They tore down the temples & statues & even ground some of the stones into gravel to use a base for a railroad track. Barely a glimpse is left. Tragic.
Yesterday we boarded a mini bus for Coroico, which is in the tropical Yungas valley. I was slightly nauseated & the constant, pungent smell of fried fish & BO didnt help. About an hour into our trip we realized we were on the "old road" aka the worlds most dangerous road. Literally 6 inches from our tires was a straight fall to 1000 meters. I forgot about my nausea. Wendy said "Im glad I have my passport on me so they can identify my body" hmmm,... no way anyone is fetching us out of that ravine, I thought.
We arrived safe & found a lovely hotel, the Hotel Esmerelda. We have a bamboo balcony and hot water ALL DAY! The views are magnificent. We are above the cloud line which is a bit eerie. It has rained all day, so we opted out of the waterfall hike & went to town instead. We ate pizza with an Argentinian motorcycle gang & a young traveler from Kansas. Because of the rain we will cut this portion of the trip short & head to lake Titicaca tomorrow. So its back on another minibus to La Paz, supposedly on the new road, but who knows.... suzanne

PS still no photo upload capability. arrgh.

Posted by shurford 12:59

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by drashner

Everything looked ok.

by reaj

Wow, adventures abound! Hope the rifaximin kicked in promptly. Joe says hi, drink plenty of fluids and don't sprain your ankle!?!?!? We're recovering from our travel shots now--Joe has flu-like symptoms. Went by your house last week to pick daffodils--everything looked ok.

Glad to know you guys are safe.
More photos please.:)


by reaj

OK, I've just read your entries and have jumped right into the travel spirit. Will have to live through you for now. Can just imagine where you are.
Hope you are feeling better Suzanne.
Things are good here. Roger has had his last surgery and is feeling good. The weather is beautiful.
Roxy says hi.

by toby455

we had a phenomenal day at Pastrygirl for St. Patrick's Day. Things are really moving in the right direction. I hope you are feeling better. I have a big trip to Sydney on the horizon (May), so it's great to read your stories and get myself in the travel spirit! Spring has sprung, as Lee notes.
xo -Steph

by Chi-Xep

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